Technical Team

The technical side of the Green League Table is crucial in order to use the vast quantities of energy, waste, water and management data we collect from Colleges. All information is collected on-line, with Management and Waste collected through a survey website, and energy and water data collected in spreadsheet form from the TEAM Database.

We are recruiting coders and digital artists

 – Data scientists: we have access to a large amount of data about the energy, water consumption and construction of the Colleges. More data than we know what to do with! Help us get interesting things out of it.

– Designers: visualize data (we have lots – see above), improve the experience of Colleges participating in the survey, make information understandable and beautiful.

Coders who want to build things: a central part of the project is a modern webapp for collecting and analysing data from the Colleges. Try out the latest web technologies on a real project.

All levels of experience considered. Apply to

Day to Day Tasks

  1. Eliminate any bugs / flaws in system
  2. Assist college consultants and bursars with website

Potential Website Projects: 

  1. Automated construction information based on general age / property type characteristics
  2. Integrate existing mainsite construction data
  3. Introduce comparative property function across colleges
  4. Increased per capita data accuracy eg meals served, day visitors…
  5. Continuous improvement of user interface

If you have an idea for additional data analysis please get in touch, we are welcome to new ideas and expertise!

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