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You can view the rankings for previous years here; Green League Table Rankings

What do we do?

What? – The Green League Table conducts annual environmental assessments for the Cambridge colleges, taking into account energy usage, water usage, recycling availability and the college’s environmental policies. As well as providing reports and recommendations for the colleges themselves, this data is used to produce a ranking for the colleges by their environmental performance that year – The Green League Table.

Aims – Our principle aim is to promote sustainable practice and raise awareness of environmental concerns through quantitative analysis and constructive feedback.  We primarily focus on data analysis, evaluating the environmental data we collect to create college specific recommendations.

Why? – We have found that Colleges are generally interested in environmental concerns, or at least the cost savings associated with retrofitting and environmentally efficient strategies. However, they are often uncertain as to what they should be doing, or how they can go about doing it. We provide the necessary knowledge and analysis to understand what best to target, alongside recommendations about what exactly it is that they can do.


The Green League Table is composed of 4  sub projects which work together in order to maximise the potential for research and analysis. Every member of the project is an active member so you will have the responsibility of creating something either individually or as a group. This means you have something to show for your efforts and makes it easy to get involved!

To find out more about each of the different roles within the project, click on the links below and it will connect you with a breakdown of the responsibilities and examples of what you would be doing.

Green League Table Rankings!

2013 – 2014 Rankings

In the Media!

Greenzine – Girton Tops the Table

Greenlines Issue 40

The Cambridge Student –  The heat is on: College sustainability investigated

Want to get involved?

Contact if you’d like to find out more.

We have concluded our college consultant training sessions for this year, they will resume in Michaelmas 2014. Positions are available within the Best Practice Research Group, Technical Team and Co-ordination team so there’s still lots you can get involved with until then.

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