College Consultants

College consultants are integral to the Green League Table and are responsible for completing the annual environmental report for each college and providing feedback.

You do not need any previous experience to get involved, with student consultants from MML to Engineering consulting each year. We provide workshops to help get everyone up to speed with the technical side, teaching you something new and making sure our reports are of a consistently high standard.


  • Analyse management, water, waste and energy data from colleges
  • Contact colleges / investigate personally anomalous data
  • Write report explaining environmental data
  • Provide recommendations to colleges on how they can improve

What sort of data analysis?

Most of the data that we collect is displayed graphically, and the interpretation of these graphs is where the data analysis lies:


A large focus is placed on recommendations to the colleges. At a basic level, this highlights key target properties, which are properties with excessive energy or water consumption. However, there is significant scope for recommendations such as effective behavioural change policies, information on how to upgrade listed buildings with real life examples, university and city wide sustainable transport schemes, and much more. This work is supported this year by the College Best Practice Group which are a research subgroup focusing on existing practices within Cambridge Colleges, helping share the knowledge!

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