Sustain-a-ball Project

Fed up with waste going to landfill? The College Balls are the largest, most widely publicised and well-attended events in the university calendar. However, they are extremely wasteful. Without proper organisation this waste (predominantly food and drink, but also props and decor) is all taken out to the skips together and sent to landfill.

In response to this, the Sustain-a-ball project has been successfully working to reduce the environmental impact of these events; we are now sought out ahead of time for our advice and expertise. Whilst things are generally shifting in the direction of sustainable practice, ball committees have a wide range of ideas and understanding about what should or could happen at their event. We research best practice and suppliers, compile our handy Guide for Balls before they buy things in and organise waste disposal schemes and teams for the evening itself. This is excellent event consultancy experience that also goes down a treat with employers, and it makes a real difference by diverting (literally) tonnes of waste from landfill into the recycling business; if you aren’t comfortable with feeling smug and responsible then this work isn’t for you!

Most importantly, right now we’re looking for some fresh pairs of eyes and a free flow of new ideas; event solutions demand a lot of creativity and each College will need at least one consultant! If you are interested or to find out more, do get in touch.

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